Awareness, prediction, and adaptability are learnable skills. And THAT is what this virtual conference is about. — Join us this December 17th!
Being a #FutureReady  CPA means being aware, predictive, and adaptive as change comes. It means thinking long-term and learning quickly so you don’t just survive change – you thrive in it. Now is the moment where CPAs can prove their value to clients, to the business world, and to the common good. It’s right at the moment when everything is changing that we can show our knowledge, leadership, vision, and capability can make a difference.
Join us for a discussion about what it takes to become #FutureReady and develop the skills you need. We’ll also cover examples of how successful companies are already embracing the future and learn more about what you can expect from the leading voices participating in this unique, nationwide learning collaboration event.
Thriving in Industry 4.0: The Rise of the T-Shaped Professional
    Speaker: Tom Hood
The #FutureReady CPA: A Walk Through of the Competencies
    Speaker: Peter Margaritis
Tech Trends for Accountants: What To Know and What You Can Do About It
    Speaker: Donald Tomoff
#FutureReady CPA: Firm and Industry Case Studies
    Speaker: Samantha A Bowling
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